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Elleeplex Re-Gen Next Gen

Re-Gen Next Gen is a Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Plant-Based Lash|Brow Protection System, essential for building strength in eyelashes and brows during the Lash Lift or Brow Lamination treatment process.

The Re-Gen Next Gen formula contains soy amino acids and additional pure amino acids, peptides, which are carefully selected to mimic the functional ratios in commercial human hair amino acids. It also contains antioxidants, essential fatty acids, flower extracts, bark extracts.

Benefits of this essential step are:

  • Products the hair from damage
  • Boosts moisture content⠀
  • Encourages hair growth
  • Fight premature hair loss
  • Strengthening and nourishing on the hair shaft
  • No more dryness or hair stress

Next Gen is multi-use and can now be mixed in with the setting lotion step, tint or can be used as a stand-alone application between lift or lamination treatments to condition the hair.

Please be advised the old RE-GEN can not be mixed into the tinting or lamination lotions. 

This product can not be shipped outside Australia.

Please note that by purchasing this product you confirm that you are a fully trained professional in the application of these products. 

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