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FAQ's on Fox Cosmetics

What colour Fox Cosmetics Brow Butter should I choose?

Blonde Brow Butter | warm and light 

Auburn Brow Butter | taupe blonde | suitable for strawberry blondes as well as light grey and cool based blondes 

Light Brown Brow Butter | cool, light brown 

Caramel Brow Butter |  warm light brown | perfect for covering a cool-toned  tattoo

Chocolate Brow Butter | rich warm brown -| darker than Caramel Brow Butter

Medium Brown Brow Butter | dark rich/warm brown

Dark Brown Brow Butter|  cool, dark brown | can be used as an eyeliner as well.


What colour of Goddess Brows Brow Pencil should I choose?


Muse #1 - Light, Light, cool,  taupe colour perfect for blondes and silver foxes

Muse #2 -  Medium, slightly deeper and warmer than Muse #2 perfect for our strawberry blondes, redheads and anyone wanting a touch of warm light chocolate to their brows.

Muse #3 - Dark, our most versatile colour actually!  Can be used lightly on blondes and heavier handed on our raven foxes.  Cool, dark but not flat shade suitable for most clients.


What is Fox Cosmetics Longevity Serum used for?

There are 4 main uses for Longevity Serum:

  1. Protect the fresh Fox Cosmetics Brow Henna from water after application as we have a high percentage of henna instead of synthetic dyes so it needs a full 24 hours to reach colour potential
  2. Conditions the hair and skin so that after regular use by the client at home they will get a better outcome
  3. Encourages hair growth with Castor oil, Rosemary and Geranium
  4. Conditions the clients hair after Brow Lamination services, can be used in salon and retailed for client home use.  Fox Cosmetics Brow Tamer is also excellent to use after lamination and to retail to your clients.


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