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FAQs on Fox Cosmetics Brow Henna

What colour henna should I choose?

Bold brows, stand out brows on a blonde - Marilyn 1 or Marilyn 2

Soft lighter brows - Greta 1 or Greta 2

Brunettes - Audrey 1 and Audrey 2

Rich chocolate brows - Rita or Aretha (Rita is warmer, Aretha is more suited to darker Fitzpatrick)

Cool me down for soft black or to modify any other colour to a cooler and deeper shade

Warm me up - to warm any henna mix-up

To create a rich dark brown I mix Aretha, Rita and Cool Me Down.

How many people can I do with one henna bottle?

Small bottle about 30 clients Large bottle about 90 clients

How long does your henna last on the skin and on the hairs? Skin dependant on skin type and home care but we say around 7 days but we have gotten 2 weeks when its the ideal skin and they have used homecare. Hair colour is about 4-6 weeks - the more it is used the longer it will last due to build up of the lawson molecule (which is the dye molecule)

Does Fox Cosmetics Brow Henna go red, yellow or orange?

No we don't have issues with red, orange or yellow brows as long as you choose the correct shade for your client.

How much do you recommend I charge henna with your products?

We recommend to charge by time so if you are doing a henna brow in 30 minutes we recommend to charge $65 to make $1 profit per minute (after expenses) but of course you need to know your break even point for your salon.  The cost of doing a Fox Henna Brow with a wax is about $5 in product including disposables.

Do you have a Fox Cosmetics Brow Henna kit with all the colours I can buy?

Yes the starter kit is $290 and includes your cleanser, small size of all 10 colours, brow primer, after care oil.  And we have an online class that you can join too for only $100 more!

Is it cruelty free?

Yes - we have won an international ethical award with NALA for being cruelty free and focused on sustainability.

How long does Fox Cosmetics Brow Henna need to stay on the skin for?

Full service including waxing takes 30 minutes, some clients will need to have a henna wash left on areas where they have no hair and its skin only.  Colour starts the moment it touches the skin but we say 10-20 minutes altogether 

Can your henna be mixed with still water?

We recommend warmed distilled or sterile water 

What is Fox Cosmetics Longevity Serum used for?

The Longevity Serum has 4 uses:

  1. Protects the fresh henna from water after application as we have a high percentage of henna instead of synthetic dyes so it needs a full 24 hours to reach colour potential
  2. Conditions the hair and skin so that after regular use by the client at home they will get a better outcome
  3. Encourages hair growth with Castor oil, Rosemary and Geranium. And conditions the skin with Jojoba Oil
  4. Helps with hair condition after Brow Lamination Services as does the Fox Cosmetics Brow Tamer

Is Brow Henna safe?  

Yes unless you have allergies to any of the ingredients.

What is Henna? 

Henna is a natural permanent dye taken from the leaves of the Henna plant, Lawsonia Inermis. The active ingredient in henna is the Lawsone Molecule. 

Rubbing a henna leaf on your skin will not create a stain; the most common way to create a henna stain is to dry and mill the henna and then mix it with water, lemon juice or certain oils. 

The Lawsone will gradually migrate from the henna paste into the outer layer of the skin and bind to the proteins in it, creating a fast stain. 

Henna will come in different colours depending on where it is grown, which is mainly India and Egypt. Henna needs a hot dry summer followed by monsoon to grow the best. 

Traditional henna is a green dried powder made up of the crushed henna leaves. 


What is Brow Henna? 

All brow henna will contain different ingredients which can also include:

  • natural Indigo (Indigofera Tinctoria - a cool-based herbal dye)
  • natural Cacao (Theobroma cacao L. - chocolate!)
  • Magnesium, - Herbal extracts to encourage hair growth and conditioning the hair
  • a derivative of PPD (Paraphenylenediamine), this is what makes our henna work faster (usually traditional henna is left on for 2+ hours to work) but it is an irritant and people can have reactions to it. All brow henna will have this ingredient or a derivative. It is also found in hair dye, so if your client is allergic to hair dye they will likely be allergic to brow henna. 

Typically, henna paste needs to be on the skin/hair for 2+ hours before it is brushed or washed off; by adding the extra ingredients we can apply the henna to the brows, shape them and remove excess within 5-30 minutes to create a stain on the skin under the brows and create long-lasting colour on the brow hair. This allows us to create a long-lasting make-up look for our clients and to easily colour white, grey and tint resistant hair. We can add the henna to any brow shaping service and charge extra for it earning more money per client than a tint. 

No peroxide is used in mixing up the henna paste only clean water, sterile water or distilled water is recommended. Some brands will recommend their branded specific products. 

Some brands will also have fillers like talc in them


Does henna brow tint last longer than traditional brow tint? 

In most cases, yes


How long does Fox Cosmetics Brow Henna last?

Generally on the skin 2-14 days and on the hair 4-6 weeks but this is all dependant on clients skin and homecare.


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