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Yu-ki Ban Plastic Tape

From  $6.95

Yu-ki Ban Paper Tape

From  $5.95

Eyepads - Buy 1 get 1 free!

From  $2.00

Fox Cosmetics Pre-Inked Mapping Thread

From  $15.00

Disposable Mascara Spoolie Brushes


Multi-pack Angled Brow Brushes




Braun Sterile Water - 10ml


Spring Action Fine Point Lash and Brow Scissors


Fox Cosmetics Brow Caliper | Divider


3M Foam Tape

From  $15.00

Green Easy Tear Tape


Airtight Glue Container


Prime Time


3M Kind Removal Silcon Tape

From  $9.50

Fox Cosmetics Mapping Pencil

From  $9.95

Clear Easy Tear Tape


Flat Lash Pallet - clear or white backing


Dental Mirror


Alcohol Wipes - 200


Elleebana 2-in-1 Mixing Dish


Nichiban Skinergate Medical Tape


USB Nanomister


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