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Oh, have I got a story for you!

Oh, have I got a story for you!

 I have suffered with imposter syndrome all my life.


But 4 years ago, I managed to see the other side 


And it was all due to this life-changing realisation that I had!


I bought so many training classes, hosted so many international trainers, travelled to conferences and spoke at events.  But I felt trapped.  Trapped by other people's wants.


Finally, I decided to stand on my own with my own beliefs and not let anyone else’s ‘wants’ take the place of my needs.


I was running a successful online e-commerce store for the beauty industry (which I rebranded to Beauté Lab in 2020), teaching, running conferences and still taking clients and being worn out.


I remembered my why to start teaching - to better our industry.  I saw the struggles from the industry of not being able to get thorough training and was personally frustrated as the lack of knowledge out there, I had people trying to sell me products and classes who had never even had a thriving salon or clientele.  Who knows if they ever did clients regularly?


I decided the only way I could feel happy with what I was doing was to create my own line, specifically for brow design and henna, as there was soooo much misinformation out there, where what we do actually has a scientific explanation.


When we deal with the human body and chemicals then it can be hard to predict outcomes but when we know how and why we can explain those outcomes better to our clients.


What does this have to do with cutting corners and figuring out your costs?




Many salon owners will search on eBay, Amazon, Alibaba etc to find bargains.  Don’t worry I have done it in the past too!


What many salon owners don’t know is that as soon as you import a product to Australia you are deemed the manufacture and then need manufacture insurance and government registrations.  Yes, this means you take all the risk.  Is saving a few dollars worth that?  And to have no support or come back when you order from overseas?  What is even in that product you are using?   Can you even get insurance for it?  Trust me that it is a struggle to get insurance for importing!


So as a supplier and manufacturer I took my own advice and actually went to India to research henna and find the best brow henna I could.  And what an eyeopener that was!


Going to India taught me a lot more than how brow henna is made (yep I went to the growers and the chemists!). 


It reminded me that we are so lucky to be able to do what we do and earn a living from it.  In places like India, there is such poverty - more than we could ever imagine.  But one thing they had that we often don’t was happiness and care for strangers.


 I remember one night being lost in these tiny little streets in (white city) and we had to stop and get directions (google maps doesn’t work very well there!). We got those directions from a family sleeping on temporary beds on the side of the road.  At 11pm at night.  Imagine your response if a stranger came to your home at 11pm asking for directions. Ha!  Lucky if they got an answer right?


It was such an amazing trip for me, not only did I get the opportunity to learn more about brow henna but also woke me up about how I wanted to live my life.


So from there on in I wanted to be part of a supportive community with like-minded members of the beauty industry, not one that tore people apart - we see this all the time on social media with nasty comments, screenshots and complaints that should be taken to the product line.  


So what does this have to do with pricing?  Everything.  What we send out is usually what we receive right?  Make sure you factor in great quality, insured products for your business that offers ongoing support like online classes, YouTube, groups on Facebook etc so our industry can grow and thrive, cause if we all do better we all are better.


Till next time,



Beauté Lab

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Lash Brow Beauty Global - THE online Beauty Conference of 2021!

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