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Lash Brow Beauty Global - THE online Beauty Conference of 2021!

Lash Brow Beauty Global - THE online Beauty Conference of 2021!

Do you feel like I do?

Do you miss events, workshops and expos?

Have you attended some online events but they just haven't cut it?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and let's be honest a bit lost and alone during the pandemic?

You aren't alone - between all the lockdowns, lack of travel and trying to keep your client's happy and feeling pampered - we have forgotten to take a moment for ourselves.

Seeing your industry friends maybe just on Facetime now or in small groups and we are missing the excitement of gaining education and the wonderful connections you get from events.

Julia Mann of Lash Tribe and I wanted to change this and we think we have a solution!

This online event, that you have 2 months access to, with industry leaders, trainers, coaches sharing their knowledge on:

  • Carissa Hill - FB ads - Coming in LIVE!
  • Mandy Jeffery - Brow Mapping - Coming in LIVE!
  • Julie Piantadosi - Total Coaching Academy - Juggling work and life - Coming in LIVE!
  • Otto Mitter - The World of Elleebana Pro-fusion Lamination - Pre-Recorded
  • Julia Mann - Lash Tribe - LIVE Lash Fan Practice
  • Mandy Jeffery, LIVE brow henna design,
  • Michelle Rath - Sinful Lashes - how to style your clients lash extensions and market them -Pre-Recorded
  • Sarah Garner - Digital Bloom - Branding and you! - Coming in LIVE
  • Tamara Reid - Beaute Industrie - 7 metrics of exceptional service
  • Frankie Widdows - Eyelash Excellence - Lash Adhesive Knowledge and Trouble Shooting - Pre-Recorded
  • Reanne Copley - The Business of Mindset - Aiming for LIVE from CANADA!
  • Courtney Buhler - Optimising the salon experience - Aiming for LIVE from CANADA!

We have multiple ticket options starting at only $79!

When: 22nd August 2021 from 9am AEST with up to 2 months access to videos and speakers.

Where: The convenience of your own home!


Want more deets or to grab your ticket?

Click on this link to take you to LBBG!


Mandy x

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Oh, have I got a story for you!

Oh, have I got a story for you!

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